About Us

My name is Paty, and I live in the year-round-summer city of Miami. I am an English major who taught high school English for several years. I ventured into jewelry design when I was disappointed with the quality and price of materials I kept coming across. I have always loved jewelry and I love collecting pieces that last. I could never find what I wanted so I took a few classes and began creating my pieces. What started out as a hobby has slowly grown into a small business I run from my home.

My mission is simple: create quality pieces that will last. In the world of ever-changing fashion, it is sometimes a challenge to find classic pieces that will last the test of time. When I started Vida Jewelry Designs, I wanted to ensure that the pieces I designed would not only last for years to come, but also remain timeless in their design.

From the beginning I vowed to only use materials I myself would buy, thus the reason I only work with gold-filled, and sterling silver metals. Every piece is made with colorful semi-precious gemstones and an array of freshwater pearls- nature's most precious jewels. 

My designs can not be classified into one particular style since many times one's accessories are greatly influenced by the occasion, outfit, or just one's mood that day. For this reason I create such diverse pieces. It reflects my own belief that sometimes a woman wants her jewelry to be simple, understated, and elegant, and other times she wants her jewelry to do the talking. I love designing pieces that can easily be coordinated with pieces my customers may already own, or previous pieces they have purchased from me. Designing layering necklaces and bracelet stacks are among my favorite things to create.

Much of my inspiration comes from the outdoors. I find the beauty of creation to be my best source of inspiration. My motto is if it looks good on nature, it will  look good on you. Part of that inspiration has been through my travels. From the wine regions of France to the majestic mountains of Zion National Park to the beaches of Turks & Caicos, and the fall colors in the Smoky Mountains. Each has contributed its beauty and share, in its own unique way, to my designs.