About Me

My name is Paty and I live in the vibrant city of Miami, Florida. I am an English major who taught high school English for several years. My jaunt into jewelry design began when I was disappointed with the quality and price of materials I kept coming across at major retailers. As a person who has always loved jewelry and has collected pieces from my mother, tias, and abuelas, I wanted pieces that would last. I could never quite find what I wanted so I took a few classes and began creating my own pieces. What started out as a hobby organically grew with time into a small business I run from my home studio. I came up with the name Vida by taking the first two letters of my maiden and married name- Vidaurrázaga and Damera- and combining them together to make the word, Vida or Life. 

My mission has always been to create quality pieces which will last beyond trends and fads. In the world of ever-changing fashion, it is sometimes a challenge to find classic pieces that will last the test of time. When I started Vida Jewelry Designs, I wanted to ensure the pieces I designed would not only last for years to come, but would remain timeless in their design and could easily be combined with your own collections and heirlooms. My aim has always been to design pieces that suit women of all ages and demographics. Vida is for every woman!

Much of my inspiration comes from the outdoors. I find the beauty of creation to be my best source of inspiration. Part of my inspiration has come through my travels. From the wine regions of France to the majestic mountains of Colorado to the beaches of Turks & Caicos- every place surrounding me has contributed its beauty, in its own unique way, to my designs.

home office jewelry design
Vida Jewelry's part time assistant, Chewy. My fur nephew comes to visit quite often and helps me announce collection launches, model jewelry, deliver local orders. He has his own Vida Jewelry fan club on Instagram who love his cameos, and he thanks you all for your support.