Our Sacred Tears

Our Sacred Tears

Our Sacred Tears 

“There is a sacredness in tears. They are not the mark of weakness, but of power. They speak more eloquently than ten thousand tongues. They are messengers of overwhelming grief…and unspeakable love.” - Washington Irving

Tears are a sign we are alive- that we feel. From the moment we enter the world, tears are a welcome sound of life, a source of celebration. And as we grow, our tears somehow are perceived through a different lens- as solely a sign of grief, sorrow- of pain. However, there is a sacredness in tears. They often reveal a profound depth of feeling and emotion that is often only articulated with tears; it is not spoken, rather felt. And as we end another year, my eyes like a dam, are ready to burst through, each tear filled with immense gratitude and love for every single one of you.

If I solely look at my small business in numbers, it perhaps wasn’t as successful as some of my previous years. But if you look beyond the numbers, to the people, the quality, the essence of what drives my business and designs, the values, it was anything but successful. You have helped me build not just a business, but a community of women who, each with their struggles and challenges, keep fighting and thriving through it all. Through each collection I have shared my story of illness, loss, disappointment, but most of all resilience. You received each of them with a passion and enthusiasm that was palpable- it fueled mine. You’ve opened your arms and hearts not only to my creations but to me. You’ve helped me heal and persevere. Your words of encouragement, gifts, and more than anything the unexpected friendships, have often felt heaven sent- divine ways of showing me I was going to be okay. And I am. There is no measurable value to each of those things, each carries more weight than anything monetary.

So with every tear that gingerly falls as I write this end of the year message, know that it is for every single one of you that has contributed not just monetarily but more than anything, emotionally to me.  Each tear carries an immense amount of gratitude for what YOU have given me: a way to thrive. A way to continue to be present for the people and things that matter most to me- mi familia. Although the challenges in our family continue, you have reassured me more than anything that I have a worldwide family of magnificent sisters who will carry me through- because so many of you already have.

My hope is I can continue to share with you my most profound thoughts and feelings through what my hands create in the years to come. That every piece you receive from me provide you with a small measure of the joy and smiles you have given me through the waves of life. And more than anything, may we together continue to build not just a business, but a family of fierce women who can enthusiastically share their stories of survival and provide hope to others with a smile radiating hope and eyes filled with our sacred tears. 

With immense gratitude, 




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Jehovah is always so generous to us. Until one day we don’t have any suffering or pain. In the meantime, I am so happy Jehovah is extending his love to you through others.

Yesenia Barreto

Where do I start!? You have been such a huge part of me being able to get through the pandemic! You always had a smile on your face making all of us ladies days better. We all thank you for that. Even if life has brought you down at times. Remember your family & friends will be there for you. How could we ever not! You have been there for us virtually . I’m jealous😉of the ones who are close by to you. Always remember your smile is infectious & we send virtual hugs continuously.🥰🤗 Forever & ever🫶🏼

Pam Hildebrandt

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