Regaining the Right Perspective

Regaining the Right Perspective

“I’m continuing to work hard, not without periods of discouragement, but my strength comes back again.” - Claude Monet

As you read these words you may never have imagined they were uttered by one of history’s most revered artists, Claude Monet. His art is one of my personal favorites and some of the most breath taking I have ever been privileged to see. In the last few months, Monet’s words have resonated with me. Life’s waves keep coming, and at times, they have left me feeling discouraged and overwhelmed. However, I recognize the importance of not letting those negative thoughts take permanent residence in my mind. Personally acknowledging that I have these feelings and knowing I need to reset my thinking is something I have come to recognize in myself. I have learned how important it is to give myself space and time. Space to feel what I need to feel, time to process those emotions and reaffirm what I know is good and true.

I have spoken so much of the importance of gratitude and it is because when we deal with heavy emotions, our perception of reality can be distorted. It is easy to forget all the positive in our life and focus on just the negative. By giving myself space and time, I again remind myself of all I have to be grateful for. Reminding myself of all these great things- everything that has gone right, my blessings, the little things that make me smile throughout the day, my Chew bear- and more than anything, my people. Those amazing people I love who keep showing me their love and support in a million little ways. It is easy to become shortsighted and forget the little things but the truth of the matter, is that all those little things add up to what is truthfully our reality. 

How does this relate to do what I do? A lot actually. Each piece my hands create has a story, an emotion, woven into its creation. The last two years I have created from the need to control the uncontrollable. When the situations around me have been beyond my realm of control, I created with the things I could control: a rainbow of gems.  Each collection the last two years has come from a part of my story, which at times have included my struggles and pain, but more than anything, my gratitude and joy. My pieces are very personal to me. They tell of a woman who is determined to create beauty out of the hardships of life. A woman who will continue to be grateful for the creativity that allows her to make beautiful things. A woman who will continue to find joy in the everyday things. And I recently needed to remind myself of these things. 

I have always believed that words matter; they have power. Your words of encouragement to me have helped me continue to be inspired to create. You have supported me as I have taken time to deal with life’s challenges, and you have helped me keep smiling. In your own unique way, you each have woven yourself into part of my story. You ladies truly help keep Vida Jewelry Designs going, and today I count you as one of those great “things” that I am grateful to have. Thank you for keeping my hands and heart happy. 

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Paty you sure do keep ALL US LADIES…wrists, necks & earlobes so pretty! My eyes love looking at my beautiful pieces from you! Thank you for all your time that goes into making each collection so exquisite!🥰🤗

Pamela Hildebrandt

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