2021: A Little Lady and The Sea

2021: A Little Lady and The Sea

It took some time to try to formulate the right words and thoughts for this year. Trying to encompass all the thoughts, feelings, and raw emotions in a few words is a Herculean task.  Recently, Jay and I took a morning to sit by the beach to try and let the ocean do what it does best: calm us. The ocean has not only provided me with calming thoughts and inspiration this year, but also many valuable lessons. The greatest lesson aptly came this very day.

As I walked along the sandy shore, I looked down to find several pieces of sea glass shining through for my picking. Of all the years I have visited these shores, I have never come across a single piece; yet today, here they were. It was at that precise moment I realized I found the perfect metaphor for what the last year taught me- or rather it found me.

Last year brought us monumental waves and this year they continued. The feelings of anxiousness and worry that often came with those waves were often expressed through my designs. It became an outlet where I created beauty from chaos. Each collection became an ode to the place that taught me so much; and as we end the year, it teaches me the most valuable lesson it has yet.

Sea glass is found along the shores of the ocean. It starts as sharp shards of glass that have been tossed and tumbled in the waves of the sea to then emerge as polished and frosted pieces of glass. Its soft edges and unique beauty so striking it is often admired, collected, and made into the most stunning and prized jewelry. As I picked up each little sea glass, I felt an overwhelming sense of emotion knowing that I, too, was like this glass. Tossed and tumbled by life’s challenges, yet remarkably beautiful in the qualities it has produced in me- more compassion, more empathy, more forgiveness, more faith, and most of all, more love. It has produced beauty through tremendous adversity, and for that I am grateful. 

This year my success is measured differently than it was two years ago. This year my success comes from being able to do what I love just enough to be able to give my time and attention to those people I love more than ever- to be present with them and share in their moments and memories. And how does this translate to each of you? Each one of you ladies have played a pivotal role in helping me have that success, in having enough. You have encouraged me with your words and photos on the days I struggled to create. You have checked in on me and my family and our well-being. You have simply supported me and cheered me on and I am eternally grateful. In a year where personal connection was scarce, you found a way to make me feel more connected to each of you and your stories. You have each carved yourself into a part of my heart and my Vida family and I hope to be able to continue to create just enough to keep myself and my family going. With my most profound love and utmost gratitude- and some tears- I thank each and every single one of you. YOU INSPIRE ME!

I send you all my warmest love,
sea glass
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