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Mexican Lace Agate Gold Removable Pendant Gemstone Necklace

Mexican Lace Agate Gold Removable Pendant Gemstone Necklace

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Versatility is what our gemstone pendant necklaces are all about. This one of a kind piece features the amazing beauty of Mexican lace agate, with a breathtaking combination of gemstones.

The Mexican lace agate pendant is the focal piece of this design. The pendant measures  2 1/4 inches in length (from hoop to the bottom of the stone) and has the most breathtaking colors and pattern. It has deep reds, oranges, yellows- all the colors of fall. There is a cascade of gemstones that accent the colors found in the agate. You have garnet, a variety of tourmalines, pyrite, carnelian, and sunstone. These are all wire wrapped to two gold filled chains that cascade over the stone and create beautiful movement.

The pendant is removable and so you can wear the necklace on its own as well. The chain also has gemstone details throughout so it will stand alone nicely. It features garnet, pyrite, and tourmalines. There is a lobster clasp closure at the end. Also included is a genuine leather cord with gemstone details at the end so you can swap out the pendant and also wear it on leather. The leather cord measures 44 inches. 

It is shown paired with the sunstone and fire opal necklace also available online.

It is a one of a kind necklace you will find on no one else!


- Mexican lace agate, garnet, tourmaline, carnelian, pyrite, sunstone

- Necklace measures 23 inches in length

- All materials are 14kt gold filled

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